About Me

My name is Brittany and I am a 30 year old stay at home mom of 4 children.  I am married to my best friend and have been for almost 11 years. He is currently attending law school. Which leaves us living off school loans. ughh! (I hate debt) I am a very frugal person who has never had debt before. He worked full time during undergrad, but working is near impossible to do during law school with a family and a long commute to school. Just not enough time in the day. I'm sure some think I should work, but I know my job at home is important. Also,I am not a trusting person. I pretty much don't trust anyone with my kids and due to my life experiences I HAVE TO be there for my kids and they HAVE TO know how much I love them. I would rather be poor than leave my children with a babysitter. So I look for other ways to make money while staying home with my babies. We are a happy family who knows what is important in life.
      I love A&W rootbeer (it is the creamiest) roller coasters, ice cream, movies,music, board games, lilies,hydrangeas,watching football, playing basketball, and nature. I also like learning new things. I am interested in photography, family history, antiques, archeology, decorating, Sewing ,although I don't sew it is still an interest, and finding good recipes.Thanks for reading about me. I am enjoying my new hobby blogging and finding great family products to review and giveaways. Leave me a message saying you stopped by. If you have a blog I will come check out your blog too. Leave your link in your message. :)

UPDATE: My husband finished law school. The graduation ceremony was exciting and depressing. Exciting because he was done with school..... FINALLY and what an amazing accomplishment but depressing because everyone who got up to talk ,including the dean, was all doom and gloom. They were like hopefully you guys can get a job and basically saying good luck with paying back all the debt you have. My husband went to a very good school. I can't imagine what they are saying at the law schools that aren't ranked as high. I guess they were right about what they were saying. The economy is terrible. At least for new lawyers. I just didn't feel like graduation day was the time for all the depressing talk.
Anyway, we moved to another state. It was sad to leave family and friends. We do love our new state though. It took my husband a while to find a job. He first did a temporary off and on job. You might be surprised to hear they are paying lawyers $20 an hour to do something called document review. I call it a sweat shop for Lawyers. You get on a project and have a job until the project is over. The projects last sometimes a week sometimes a month or two. Then you have to wait until you get asked to do another project. This is very unpredictable. The pay checks are also unpredictable. Not ideal for individuals with a lot of law school debt and a big family. What can you do? That's life.