Baby Faves

Favorite baby items and sites I have found that I have tried or that have great reviews. I have found that these items have great reviews. They seam to be a lot of people's best picks. I would reccomend you try them too. Check these items out and let me know what you think.

Joovy I have the Joovy caboose ultralight and I love it. It is easy to manuver even with a big kid on the back.
I love the colors available and it has been very durable. I have had mine about a year and it still looks brand new. This site has adorable baby clothes and accessories. Check out these cute hats. This is a must see site for baby. I love it!  Very cool product. No more messing with wrapping and rewrapping baby in a swaddling blanket. It helps keep baby from waking up due to startle reflex that is a huge plus. This is a product I found to be amazing if you make it a routine at bedtime. I was able to put my baby down at 7:00pm and he wouldn't wake up until 4:00am. The only problem I had was my baby liked his hands by his face so I just had it slightly unzipped at the top so he could fit his hands out. cute nursing covers with a stiff neckline to allow ventilation for baby and to allow mommy to see her baby too. Love mine. I use mine all the time.

The car seat I am interested in for infants is the baby trend flex loc for up to 30lbs. it was rated #1 by consumer reports and was one of only 2 infant car seats to pass crash tests above 35 mph. Shocking that the other car seats are even on the market if they didn't pass the crash test above 35 mph. I am almost always driving faster than 35 mph. How about you? UPDATE: I have this carseat and my biggest complaint is the straps will not loosen enought to fit my baby comfortably. He is under the weight limit and the straps are too tight. It was fine when he was an infant but I wanted it to last longer than it did. Otherwise it was fine.  This product can be used for covering the car seat and protecting baby from wind, sun, germs and people while still being able to hold on to the handle securely. It can also be used as a nursing cover and as a shopping cart cover to protect baby from germs. I love a product that can be used for more than one thing. I really like the Sprout shell. I have had a lot of compliments on mine and I love that even though my baby is too big for the infant car seat I still use it for store carts and restraunt high chairs. This is cute. I don't have one though.  The bath luve works just like a wash cloth would but is cuter and contours to babys body better than a wash cloth with the sholder fabric and shape. A washcloth can do the same job it just isn't as cute. Would be a good baby shower gift.  This bag has a built in drawer and lots of compartments. You got to check it out. I am very interested in this. The idea sounds great. I don't have this one either.  These ears help protect babies head in the carseat and makes it more comfortable for baby. Love this fabric too! I never got a chance to try this.

Mama roo This is the coolest baby swing I have ever seen. It has 5 unique motions called: Car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock a bye and ocean wave. I want it!