Sunday, February 14, 2010

Piggy Paint

Piggy paint is as natural as mud. Nontoxic, Oderless and kid friendly

Girls rule

Forever Fancy

Clouds of candy

These are my favorite colors. What are yours?
I love that the nail polish is safe for kids. My kids have never tried to drink nail polish before, but for those of you with thirsty little explorers this might be a safer route. I looked on the web site hoping to find that it comes off of furniture or carpet etc. easy but it doesn't say that, although it does say it is a water based formula. That might make you think it would dry pliable but the website says it dries hard. Cute colors worth a try especially if your little girl gets into the nail polish on her own.


  1. oh, you know mine would. "thirsty little explorers" haha :) looks like neat stuff.

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    I am following from MBC and the GFC group. It is great with Non toxic products.


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    but we love piggy paint

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