Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Funny Stuff Notebooks

I bought 3 composition notebooks during back to school sales a few years ago and put each of my kids names on them. When my children do or say something funny I write it in their book. I keep it somewhere accessible so it is easy to write those special moments in. I am so glad I started doing this because it is so fun to go back and read . One entry from my daughters book when she was 4 goes as follows: Me: "Do you think we will always be able to talk to each other about everything?" my Daughter: Ya, but not if we lose our voice."        I was of course worrying that our relationship might not stay close as she grows older.
 How could I forget I was talking to a 4 year old.

  Last summer we went to the drive in movie theater with the kids to see G-force at one point during the movie a car flies throught the air and lands on a motor home. The first thing my oldest son said is "uh, they are going to get sued for that!" It was so funny to us because apparently he has been listening to, too much law talk from his dad.

My youngest was 2 when his sister was coloring and accidently drew on her face. when my youngest saw it he said " I'm going to draw on my head" I said " No, do Not." He said "yes I am." I said " don't even think about it." He said "I'm thinking about it."

While these might not be as funny to you, they are priceless to us and I am so glad I started doing this. The books if I remember correctly were only $0.30 at Target and so worth it. You should do this too. 


  1. That is a great idea....my kids are 8 and 11 I think I might try that

  2. You'll have to look this up, but there is a site that can make a book out of your blog, so all those precious quotes can be kept forever!
    Worth looking into...
    I have a sidebar gadget with my 5 year old daughter's quotes in it. Makes me laugh every time! :)

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