Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Toyota Love

I have always thought of Toyota's as a great reliable car to own. I love that Toyota's last long and retain their value. It's not one of those cars that you drive off the lot and loose thousands of dollars. At our house we have a 98 Toyota Corolla. Our Toyota has always been reliable. This is the only car we have so we need reliability. With my husband commuting to school and work and a family of five soon to be six. We have used this car a lot. We have always fit comfortably in our car even on long trips and have not had to take it in to the shop for anything big which is a major plus when you don't have any extra money for repairs. Even if you do have money for repairs who wants to spend money on car repairs??? I love our Toyota and would buy another one if I could.

If you like your Toyota go to http://www.facebook.com/toyota and "like" Toyota on facebook

Also leave me a comment below telling me why you love your Toyota.

*I'm participating in a Toyota/TwitterMoms campaign, which inspired this post. My opinions, thoughts and feelings are my own. As a TwitterMom, I'm eligible for a courtesy gift of $50.

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