Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ahhh!!! Vacation was nice!

I took a much needed break from the computer and was enjoying the holiday season with family and friends. It feels pretty good to not even turn on the computer for days at a time.Our vacation started with a crazy road trip to Disneyland, Vegas, Utah and back home all  in 5 days. We spent one day at Disneyland. Southern California usually doesn't have rain but out of 4 times I have gone to Disneyland it has rained 3 of those times. I think that's weird, but it usually keeps the lines from getting out of control. So, that's nice. I also learned about the parent switch pass ,if you have an infant or child who can not ride a particular ride, One parent stays with the kid that can't ride until the rest of the family is off the ride then the parents switch and the parent who hasn't gone on the ride can take the kids who can ride and skip the line. We had never been to Disneyland at Christmas time when they have all the lights and decorations up so it was fun to see.
 They even had reindeer. I thought that was really cool, but not surprising this is Disney we are talking about.

After Disneyland we drove to Vegas and only stayed a couple hours. It was raining and our kids weren't really impressed. What does it take to impress kids these days? Our goal was to get to Utah anyway.We were going to visit my sister's family. They just had a baby and we were dying to get our babies together. We spent a couple days together and then headed home to get ready for Christmas. It was only a couple days before Christmas and we had to get a tree, decorate, put up lights on the house, get last minute gifts, bake and do some Christmas traditions. It was a crazy time that really hasn't stopped until this week when the kids went back to school. I like doing fun stuff, but I like time to relax on vacation too and we didn't get much of that. I am looking forward to this weekend. Hopefully it will be a little more relaxed. Maybe after my sons  Basketball game Saturday. There's always something right? haha


  1. Great pictures, from a children author

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  3. Awww...nice. I'm thinking that's just what we needs around here. A vaction! Gonna be a while before we can pull it off though. Thanks for the vicarious travel.

    Out hopping around, looking forward to more of your posts! Come by Lucy's when you get a chance.

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