Tuesday, February 8, 2011

pucker up! Valentines lip plumper beauty tip

A beauty tip I learned years ago that helped me snag my man. It's simple and inexpensive.

What you need:  A toothbrush ( buy a toothbrush to use specifically for this. We will call this your beauty toothbrush)

and Vaseline:

First apply water to your lips. Next apply Vaseline to your lips. This will lock in the moisture. Then gently brush your lips with the "beauty toothbrush" As you brush you will be removing dead skin and rubbing in moisture. You don't need to brush long. When you are done reapply vaseline or chapstick. The result should be nice ,very kissable, fuller looking lips.

Happy Valentine's Beauty's


  1. Love it! This is the inexpensive version of a product I will not name that is $30 dollars...
    I can't wait to try this out! Thank you! I love your new look P.S.!

  2. $10 a person for an "adventure pass" that gets you into the play areas, farm animal viewing areas, and unlimited rides on the hayride and barrel train. lip plumpers

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