Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Archipelago Botanicals Sugar Lotion review

Archipelago Botanicals  is a company that has a large variety of products and fragrances for skin care and relaxation. They have body scrubs, lotions, shaving cream, candles, body wash and much more. One of their products I have been able to try is the sugar lotion in Mango.

SUGAR LOTION in Mango is blended with pure mango extract, jojoba esters and the finest oils available – Sugar – has been used for centuries as a skin care ingredient – provides Alpha Hydroxy Acids to gently moisturize and protect the skin. Natural antioxidants, soy proteins and dried milk solids combine together to keep skin looking young, vibrant and healthy. Suitable for all skin types. Apply liberally after the shower or bath.

My review: I Love, Love, Love this lotion. It is the best lotion I have ever tried. Have you ever put on lotion only to find yourself washing your hands right after, because your hands feel too greasy? I had that happen all the time until I found this lotion. It is the softest, smoothest lotion and leaves your hands feeling soft too, without any need to wash off the lotion you just applied. The lotion bottle is also generously sized and has lasted for quite a while. I highly reccomend you buy a bottle of the sugar lotion. They have some really delicious sounding options to choose from. Coconut, Vanilla, and Mango. I think I will try them all. :)

Sugar lotion comes in a 15 oz. bottle for $25. To see more of their sugar collection go here:

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