Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Check this out

A couple days ago while driving on the freeway I saw the most interesting car. My kids were with me and really got a kick out of it. On one hand I thought good for them for not comforming to what everyone else thinks looks good, and being creative. On the other hand I thought that looks stupid. You can't tell from the picture but they had a rubber animal attached to the top of the car and on the front hood. This car was also covered in glitter. I took the picture before we got up to the front window. I didn't want the lady to be bothered that we took a picture of her car.


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  3. How fun that your children got see the car too.
    Sure is unique!

  4. Thats is hilarious! Following you from MBC. Looking forward to sharing mommy stories.


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  6. I love finding cars like that. I think the same man they are ugly but at least the person is happy. That and I always wonder if they have one of those tacky yards with a zillion plastic animals and such...to match the car.

  7. It's like a MaryKay car gone bad. interesting...
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