Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Plush Pad review

The Plush Pad® by Ah Goo Baby® services the sophisticated and discerning mom on the go who wants her baby to be comfortable and clean, while giving herself the satisfaction of retaining a flair for good taste.
From Diaper Changes, Tummy Time to Infant/Parent Classes The Plush Pad® is the multi-purpose memory foam surface for your baby. It's great to use on-the-go or around the home -- in any room or any place.

The The Plush Pad® memory foam cushion conforms to the curves of your baby's body, so that they can sit back, relax and enjoy the experience!

Two layers of water resistant barriers protect any under surfaces from accidents. Machine wash and dry the cover much like a pillowcase whenever it needs cleaning. How easy is that?

To Buy: Go here The Plush Pad retails for $29.95

My Review: The Plush Pad is indead Plush. I received the Plush Pad in Vintage blue pictured directly above and I love it. The fabric is gorgeous and I love how nice and easily it rolls up to fit nicely in your diaper bag. The white part of the pad is made of a very soft fabric and has a memory foam underneath providing a very soft comfortable place for baby to lay. This is indead a treat. I have never had a changing table for any of my children due to the lack of space in our house. I have always changed my babies diapers on the floor. I have really enjoyed being able to use something much softer for my baby. A great place to use the plush pad is when you are out of the house and have to use the changing tables in bathrooms. They are made of such a hard surface and you always have to put something under your baby anyway for sanitary purposes so the Plush Pad is a great pad to use to keep your baby comfortable and clean. I also like how easy it is to wash. You just remove the memory foam pad and wash the rest in the washing machine. I washed mine and the fabric didn't fade at all. This product is luxury for your baby. A great present for any mom expecting or who has a baby.

I received a Plush Pad for the purpose of this review. All opinions stated here are my own and were not influenced in any way. Thank you Ah Goo Baby for the Plush Pad. I love it!

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